Thursday, April 5, 2018

Growing & Changing

Brady is a new man. Literally.
5th grade has changed him. He has learned so much. He has learned more in science, social studies, math etc that he seems to truly be absorbing. He has learned amazing things from his teacher who he adores, Miss Snowden (super cool, dog lover, straight shooter)
he has learned about technology (and looking up football during class).
He has learned how to dress for and interview for a job (Young Ameritowne Prep). He ran for Mayor, and although he didn't get that, he became the College President for his Young Ameritowne day. So proud of him.
He participated in the spelling bee for the second year in a row.
He has soared at football and soccer and tennis.
and now, another milestone in 5th grade.
He is starting his Growing & Changing unit and he is SO excited.
he said he likes to learn about what is going to chat with him and is excited about what lies ahead.
He learned The E word (erection) and seems to be fascinated by that phenomenon :-)
he keeps getting the words puberty and period mixed up (ie: when I start going through my period) but we quickly cleared that up.
He announced that he will now start taking showers every day and will soon need to start wearing deodorant.
And in all of this learning.....he has been talking to me.....a LOT. and I love it. He is not shy about telling me what he is learning and asking questions. and I am not shy to answer the questions. I am interested and excited for him and ready to help him along the way.
I will be there for him, whatever the question may be.
it's the beginning of a new time, new information and new experiences and I plan to do whatever I can to support him.
Love you Bubs (have now been told I can't call him that other than in his room anymore!!!)

Winter Fun

Winter, especially before ski season, allows us to try some fun and sometimes new things on our weekends.
This year, we went sledding at Blue Heron but it was a whole new world with Charlie with us! She would chase us down the hill at full speed until we all crashed.
My Make Studio. When the boys went skiing, Lylah and I had the best time making our own cupcake creations. We tried new tools, new toppings and got creative. Probably one of the best days I have had with my mini me in a long time.
skiing with the Sutphins! this was our first time skiing with our friends the Sutphins and even though I was getting over the flu, we had a great time with them. Everyone skied about the same and we played some great condo game like Celebrity and That's it.
The Trumpet. All of a sudden, we have a musician in the family. (Jon and I have no clue). Brady decided he loved the trumpet and became so motivated to learn quickly. He is an amazing player and I am in awe of how fast he picked it up! Can't wait to see where he takes this.
our Little Rock Climber (Lylah's new passion!)--we spent a Saturday at Earth Treks for some rock climbing and Lylah's bravery blew us all away. She literally "rocked" it and the instructors even said she was a natural!
and watching our Charlie girl's amazing how fast she has grown in just a few months with us. She is learning quickly and while she still gets herself into trouble now and then, she has brought such joy and laughter to our home. Watching her wake up the kids every morning is a true joy and their love and laughter with her is contagious.

Easter weekend with the Barbics

And...once we got back in to town from Tucson, we repacked and got ready for a quick weekend in Vail with our good friends, the Barbics.
We always have a fun time with them and this trip was no exception. the Skiing was a blast...and beautiful weather didn't hurt.
We learned a new game (Fibbage?!) that every single one of us loved and I have no doubt we will play again.
The kids are doing so well with their skiing, trying new jumps, new terrain, more moguls, a few more more blacks, and of course, making me nervous the whole time. But I really enjoyed this trip, all the runs we fit in and the excitement of the kids.
And we topped it off with some Easter egg coloring and a hunt on Easter morning before heading home.
It was a packed but wonderful Spring Break, I would not change a thing!!!

Best trip to Tucson

So glad we took this trip!!!!
This was a first for me...traveling on an airplane with the kids but without Jon. We missed him tons but it was such a good experience for me with the kids.
We were great traveling companions and the time with my parents was THE BEST!
I slept like a log, relaxed and had some great adventures all at the same time.

Highlights included kids on the golf cart (a favorite of theirs), our trip to the Old West Tucson and the Kartchner Caverns.
I had no idea they made so many western movies in Tucson. The Wild West was a blast with fun and entertaining shows, rides and attractions. we were there for hours and had so much fun.
And the Caverns....amazing, beautiful and terrifying (for little old me). The fact that the men who discovered these caves found them, explored them and spent so much time in them was amazing.
All 5 of us went on the tour (98% humidity and 80 degrees) and Lylah and I made it about 90% of the way before we needed to make an emergency exit. She was very brave though and did such a great job. Gma, Gbob and Brady made it until the bitter end!
We also took a tour of the local fire station where the kids were able to try on all of the gear and ride in the truck. Priceless!!
I really just enjoyed the time with my mom and dad, seeing them interact with the kids and spending late evenings on the back porch catching up. Sure wish they would move back to Colorado!!!!!

It breaks my heart to see both kids cry when they say goodbye to my parents. We get caught up in all that is going on in our lives here but we never stop loving our grandparents/parents!

My Bday Party

I figure every 5 years or so, now that I am grown up, is reasonable for a bday outing!
This year, we gathered some friends and rode in style to a dinner and live music night on the town.
I love birthdays. you only get one or two days a year (mother's day and bday) to celebrate "me/you" so I figure may as well do it up!
And for my actual bday, the kids and Jon took me out for Mexican (one of my favorites) and we had cupcakes and presents back at the house (nice work on the Francesca's gift card Lylah)

Another wonderful year on the books!! and hopefully many, many more to look forward to.

Cousins Ski Trip to Beaver Creek

Uncle Bob and the crew (minus Chandler) headed to Colorado for their Spring Break ski trip. We all met up in Beaver Creek and had the best time.
we were all bummed that karsten broke his wrist the first day (before we were even able to ski with him) but we still had a great time skiing with Hope and Bob, and meeting up with Keira after ski school.

Dinner with the gang at Bob's Place is always a hit and the adults enjoyed a dinner out while Hope kept watch over the munchkins.
I really love the family time....we don't see the cousins often enough but when we do, everyone always picks up right where we left off.
Sweet moments: Brady watching TV with his head on a pillow on Karsten's lap
Lylah and Keira holding hands leaving the restaurant

I miss seeing my brother and wish we were closer than we even are today. But I will take what I can get!!! and I always encourage Brady and Lylah to stay close....when you grow up, you may be some of the only family you have so it's important to look out for each other!!!

Lylah turned 9!!!

My sweet baby girl is almost double digits!
She was so excited for her 9th bifrthday Literally counting the days until it arrived. She knew exactly where she wanted her bday dinner to be....a family favorite "Yabby Hut"! Unfortuantely, on the eve of her bday, she woke up in the middle of the night with a stomach ache and ended up throwing up. We had to keep her home from school since she felt so yucky. I felt so bad as she was so excited to celebrate at school and I was planning to surprise her by volunteering in class and having lunch with her. Instead, we hung out together at home until she started to feel better later in the day.
But we did get to do family presents that night, Yabby Hut later that weekend and a Pottery Party the following weekend with 14 friends!!!

I think the highlight of this year was Lylah's rite of passage....ear piercing! She has proven to be responsible and takes good care of things so I thought she was ready.
She was so but at Claires.....she was really nervous and almost in tears right before they did it (both ears pierced at the same time). We picked out a cute little beanie boo doggy that looked just like Charlie for her to squeeze.
I was so proud of her and her earrings look so cute. She has been taking good care of them!
Lylah is my buddy, my mini me. She is a beautiful dancer...graceful and coordinated. She is a talented soccer player...just scored two goals in her first game this year. She is funny and cute, spirited and stubborn. She knows what she likes and what she doesn't.
She is fashionable and hip yet doesn't get caught up in those things too much. She loves her brother oh so much (most of the time) and her Charlie too.
She makes me laugh and makes me want to snuggle with her every night before bed. She does very well in school and has lots of friends. I can't wait to see what is next for my Little Beanie.
I love her SO!!!!!!

Family Sledding Day

Family Sledding Day