Sunday, January 21, 2018


Our girl Charlie. I still don't believe we have a puppy!
I never thought we would actually do it. For one, Jon has said for years he was not interested in getting a dog. And two, I didn't think our already hectic lives could accommodate.
But, I felt we were missing something, just a little something, and pictures of Bernedoodles kept calling my name.
About two months before Xmas, I took the kids with me to get my car washed. We walked over to Petco and saw all of the adorable dogs they had for adoption. That got us talking and looking and talking some more.
One thing led to another and Jon was on board. How could you not be after seeing the photos of Baby Charlie.
Jon and I picked her up on December 20th and we both were like little kids. we were so excited to meet and even more excited to surprise the kids.
Now 4 weeks in and Charlie has been a blessing (and a lot of work along with that blessing :-)
She prompted us to start walking the kids to and from school (how did we not think of this before). She has created time for us to all be together, playing on the floor, outside, in the snow, etc.
She has forced new responsibility for both of the kids...they take her out to go to the restroom, feed her, help with bath, and more.
We are all learning patience, training, and yes, at time, how to yell at a dog!
But she is a perfect addition on to our little family and fills a warm and furry spot for us all.
Love you Charlie girl and so thankful for all for all of the smiles and laughter you have brought to us.

Tuesday, December 12, 2017

Gobble, Wobble

Thanksgiving I typically do, I jam packed the week with as many fun things as I could think of.
Brady and Lylah....I hope you had as much fun as I did...
Bowling, Wonder movie, playdates, soccer camp, Dart Wars, Thanksgiving Day kick ball and dinner, Littleton Santa parade, decorating for Xmas, Dad's Xmas Lights on, soccer with friends.
Two of my favorite things I did that week:
Running Brady's first 5k with him. we ran the Gobble Wobbly at Clement park. I could tell he was a little nervous going into it but he rocked it. We never walked and kept a pace right around a ten minute mile. Not bad for his first 5k!! It was a beautiful morning and he was the perfect running partner to keep me going. I hope I can convince him to do another with me soon.
And then Lylah and I were able to have our girls day at the Nutcracker Ballet. It was more than I expected. Lovely dancing and Lylah was in awe the whole time. These moments I get to have with both kids together and separately are so special. I could not have asked for a better Thanksgiving week and every day we spent together was a good reminder of all that I am thankful for.

Sitting on strangers laps (I will have to write about this later....inside story with Brady!)

Fall Fun

Fall was fantastic once again, with so many fun memories. Brady had a blast playing on his competitive soccer team (moved up from the intermediate team) and made a lot of good new friends (Colton, Carter, Tobin, Atticus, Peter, etc). As always, we loved to watch him play. And Lylah played with the Pink Pixies and some of her close buddies once again (Gabby, Taylor, Lakeryn, etc). They were undefeated this season!! 
I took the kids to their first CU football game. We had fancy seats and a great view of the action. The kids enjoyed seeing another college campus and seemed to enjoy the whole experience. 
And then there's of my favorite times of year. The kids had a couple of costumes which made it fun for them to switch out for the four or five different parties they had.
we hosted about 40 neighborhood guests on Halloween night and had so much fun. 
And Brady joined the band!! He chose the trumpet as his instrument of choice and is learning that a lot of practice goes into learning a new skill. His first band concert was really fun and it was cute to see how nervous and excited he was for the night. 
Lylah continues to excel at dance and started doing Cheer/Poms in addition to Hip Hop and Jazz. She is really good and it's great to see her so excited about it. 
All in all, another amazing fall with my loves!! 


Jon and I were lucky enough to get to fly on another Broncos plane to their game against the LA Chargers. It's such a cool experience that I don't think could ever get old. we had beautiful weather, great food and a quick overnight to see our team. Yep, they lost, but we still enjoyed the quick trip and the memories together!
CHIPS....aka California Highway Patrol. That might be our favorite part of these trips (the police escorts while on the team busses).

Sunday, October 15, 2017

Aspen Jazz Fest

Dad and I got to have a new experience this Labor Day, by going to our first real multi day music fest. The weather was amazing, the bands were fantastic and the scenery couldn't be beat.
My favorites were Keith Urban and Maroon 5 (of course!) but it would be hard to have a bad time at such a cool place.
Dad and I enjoyed some pretty hikes and a bit of time by the pool too!
Always nice to have a little date weekend time but we miss you both any time we are away!!

Back to School!

Summer was over before we knew it. I think this was the best summer for you both yet, with some very cool camps, hikes, family trips and adventures.
You both seemed excited to start another year although there has not been a first day of school that has gone by where I have not cried.
So far, so good with the school year.
Brady, you love your teacher (Miss Snowden) more than you have ever loved any other ever before. She is interesting and funny and makes learning enjoyable. I haven't heard you talk about school like this ever before. I think school is going to be a great experience for you this year. Although you are testing your boundaries with a few incidents in the classroom that have proven to be learning experiences for all of us (chromebooks and Snowden store tickets!!)

And Lylah, you have started off in your class as such a leader.  Miss Bartlett says you are a joy to have in smart and good and leading by example. I am very proud of both of you!

It's been a few months since I have written, so I will catch you both up in this one post.
Lylah, you had an amazing dance recital at the end of summer. you looked beautiful and did such a great job during both of your dances.
And Brady, you tried out for the competitive soccer team this year and you made the Blue Rush team. What a stud!!! You have grown and progressed so much at soccer and you practice so hard, even on your own time.
You have started running with me on Sundays. We started at 2 miles and today was our longest run yet, finishing at 4.2 miles. It's been so much fun to have this time with you.
Lylah, you and I have had so much fun shopping for fall. you have quite the fashion sense now and you are a great buddy to shop with. You have also become quite the little soccer player, excelling at offense more now than ever.
We had a few firsts this past month. While dad was on a hike one Friday, we ventured out to the US Women's National Soccer game and had a blast (although dinner took forever. We made the best of it!).
And then we went to our first CU football game. What an experience. We decided college games are super fun, the seats from Children's Hospital were THE BEST and the CU campus was pretty darn cool.
Brady started playing the trumpet in the school band and Lylah started a cheer/pom class which is a whole new experience.
So fun to watch you both explore new things.
I can't wait for what fall has in store for us.
Love you both so much!

Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Happy 10th Bday Brady.....10 years?!?!?

Happy double digit bday my bubba! you are amazing. On the night of your bday this week, I laid in bed with you and we read old Blog posts that I had written on each of your previous bdays. You were really into it and asked me to keep reading more. I can't believe how fast the years have by.

Best part of the day, other than the time with family, sushi dinner, Despicable Me Movie and time in our pool was when we laid in bed and you told me I was the best momma in the world, dad was the best dad and Lylah was the best sister. How are you so cool????
I think you enjoyed the ate more sushi than I have ever seen you eat!!

and we hit a milestone for sure! It was definitely bittersweet. Out of the blue, you asked me if Santa Clause gave you the Xbox or if we did (well of course Santa did!)
What you were getting at was the inevitable question of whether or not Santa was really real? and what about that Easter bunny, you asked?!
Well, I pulled you in my room, shut the door and told you I would not lie to you if you asked me anything.
So you asked and I told you the truth. We talked about that while the story of Santa may not be real, the magic of him and everything about the holidays is definitely real. The traditions and the joy that "Santa" and the Xmas spirit brings to families like ours is amazing and I couldn't imagine growing up any different. We told about the birth of Jesus and the celebration of Xmas. And I thought you would ask next if you still get Santa presents but instead, you sweetly asked if that was really expensive for dad and I to buy Santa presents and presents from us. How kind of you think about us when you had just learned that we were playing the role of Santa!
You are getting older, wiser and that much more grown up. I so love our talks and am glad that you feel comfortable coming to me when you have questions. so while I am sad that there is no more Santa for you, I am so glad that we are growing together as you grow up!
XOXO Happy Bday!

Family Sledding Day

Family Sledding Day