Friday, February 3, 2017


I had my first experience with Vertigo in January this year, January 2nd to be exact!
I woke up after a great night's sleep and as soon as I sat up and tried to put my feet on the floor, I thought the whole world was crashing in. I stumbled to the bathroom, got sick and crawled back to bed, where I stayed put for two full days.
I have never felt anything like it.....couldn't move my head or sit up without feeling awful. It was scary and frustrating and I felt so out of control.

The kids were so amazing...Jon too. Both kiddos would come in and check on me and give me hugs. they brought me things I needed and kept me company and I will remember that forever.
Lylah and I watched movie together in bed while Brady was at a Bball game and they watched me eat raspberry sherbet when nothing else sounded good.

It's now been 4 weeks and I am feeling much better. I am back at work, exercising, etc but I still have moments where I feel out of sorts.

I hope I never feel what I felt back at the beginning of January again though. It was awful!!
Moments like those make you thankful for good health, happy family and just little moments.
Love my family so much!!!!

*****it's now April, and I ended February with Influenza B! First time ever getting that. Let's just say the year was off to a bumpy start. Lylah had strep throat,  an ear infection and a scratched cornea too (Lylah I will never forget the eye drops at the Urgent Care!! :-) . Knock on wood....the boys have been healthy!!

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Family Sledding Day

Family Sledding Day