Saturday, April 1, 2017

Sweetie Pie's Bday

Sweet Lylah Bean....
I can't believe you turned 8. You are growing up so fast and make me smile every day.
I was still a bit sick with the flu around your bday but that didn't stop us from a yummy dinner at Yabby Hut on your big day and a super fun bowling and arcade game with 14 little ladies.
I love so many things about are snuggly and sweet, funny and cute. You are super smart and take great pride in your school work.
You just read the first 6 Harry Potter books in just a few months and you LOVED them.
You really love Hermione and Harry and Ron...I think they are your favorites. And this week, you saw Beauty and The Beast and loved that too (the movie and the music).
You are starting to get into fashion and you enjoy the dance classes, gymnastics and two days a week of soccer that you are doing right now. Busy, busy girl!
You love to sing and have quite the Beanie Boo collection now. You really do love your brother (Bubba) even though you two drive each other crazy sometimes . You guys have so much fun skiing together and you like similar books and movies now.
You cooked macaroni and cheese for the family (minus dad) recently....yum yum....quite the chef.
You love your family......and you are learning about kindness, courage and being independent. You have tried lots of new things this year and I am so very proud of you.
you ski black moguls better than me, tried ice skating lessons, have tried new amusement park rides, started ordering from restaurants by yourself :-) and have become quite the fun little lady to shop with.
you are the lady of the doubt! and we couldn't love you more!!
Happy 8th Birthday sweet baby girl.
I love you to the moon!

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