Saturday, April 1, 2017

B's notes

you continue to amaze me every day. You have grown up a ton even in the last four or five months.
You have become an amazing writer at school. It may not be your favorite subject, but you are really good at it. I have had so much fun working with you on your book reports this year. You have put a ton of effort, time and energy into not only getting them done well but going above and beyond and I am super proud of you.
You are doing very well in school....and have learned some valuable lessons....staying on task, getting organized and controlling your temper on the playground during sports (remember Miss Birch's office...argh!) :-) All things that are part of living and learning and you are becoming an even better kiddo because of some of the things you have learned.
You have talked about becoming an engineer, like Uncle Bob and cousin Chandler and in your spare time, you want to be an MLS or NFL player.
You have become an amazing skier...your favorite thing to do is the will look for them on any slope you can find. And mini terrain parks. you have quite a few blacks under your belt and you beg to ski until the lifts are closing down. It's been a ton of fun this season for dad and I both.
You are very busy with soccer and flag football again this spring. You tried out for the competitive team and made it once again for soccer and you are truly a joy to watch on the field. You are a very strong player and make smart decisions on the field. You are equally as talented at flag football. Watching you as wide receiver is a blast as you have skills kid!
You have wrapped up the Harry Potter series ( I think you read it three times) and are onto the Hobbit, Lord of the Rings and Chronicles of Narnia. It's fun to see you get into these books that my brother used to love.
You enjoy your screens when you get them....TV =Lab Rats, Pro Soccer, Broncos games, AGT and anything else we will let you watch! And you love your, Basketball, racing, etc. Any time you can go to an Arcade, you have a ton of fun. and then there's Dart Warz. I think I love that place as much as you do. So fun!
You have balance and I love that about you. You love to read as much as anything else and you are an active healthy kiddo who loves to eat just about everything.
You are a family kid.... you love your sister even though she drives you crazy sometimes. But when it comes down to it, you keep an eye out for her.
you are so polite...always thanking us for the things we do for you and you have really started to think of other people and have turned into a sweet young man.
you just might be starting to develop some crushes (Harper??) but doesn't seem that important to you quite yet. I know you are learning a lot, from swear words to boy/girl "Stuff" and it's new territory for all of us but we will navigate it together!
It's so FUN and rewarding being your mom and I couldn't be more proud and thankful that your are my son!
I love you!

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Family Sledding Day

Family Sledding Day