Wednesday, July 26, 2017

Happy 10th Bday Brady.....10 years?!?!?

Happy double digit bday my bubba! you are amazing. On the night of your bday this week, I laid in bed with you and we read old Blog posts that I had written on each of your previous bdays. You were really into it and asked me to keep reading more. I can't believe how fast the years have by.

Best part of the day, other than the time with family, sushi dinner, Despicable Me Movie and time in our pool was when we laid in bed and you told me I was the best momma in the world, dad was the best dad and Lylah was the best sister. How are you so cool????
I think you enjoyed the ate more sushi than I have ever seen you eat!!

and we hit a milestone for sure! It was definitely bittersweet. Out of the blue, you asked me if Santa Clause gave you the Xbox or if we did (well of course Santa did!)
What you were getting at was the inevitable question of whether or not Santa was really real? and what about that Easter bunny, you asked?!
Well, I pulled you in my room, shut the door and told you I would not lie to you if you asked me anything.
So you asked and I told you the truth. We talked about that while the story of Santa may not be real, the magic of him and everything about the holidays is definitely real. The traditions and the joy that "Santa" and the Xmas spirit brings to families like ours is amazing and I couldn't imagine growing up any different. We told about the birth of Jesus and the celebration of Xmas. And I thought you would ask next if you still get Santa presents but instead, you sweetly asked if that was really expensive for dad and I to buy Santa presents and presents from us. How kind of you think about us when you had just learned that we were playing the role of Santa!
You are getting older, wiser and that much more grown up. I so love our talks and am glad that you feel comfortable coming to me when you have questions. so while I am sad that there is no more Santa for you, I am so glad that we are growing together as you grow up!
XOXO Happy Bday!

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