Friday, July 7, 2017

Cousin, Aunt, Uncle, Grandparents, "Oh My"

What a fun time this trip was!! We got to go to Buena Vista to see Grandmamma and Grandbob, Uncle Bob, Aunt Kelly, Karsten and Keira. Love our family time!

Couple of trip highlights you kiddos may remember:
Hiking-longest one mile hike that was super fun ...Lylah lost her precious stick that she threw in the water
Fish hatchery -hundreds of fish jumping out of the water and splashing us for food
Whitewater rafting-So fun! I was scared at first but once I got on and saw how much fun Brady and Lylah were having, I joined in on the laughs and screams too. Poor Keira cried more than half the ride!
Hot Springs-soaking up the mountain water
Pool slide -built into the side of the mountain
loft sleeping -kids had a blast sleeping up in the loft together . Grown ups didn't get much sleep :-)
toilet paper roll puppet show -highlight of the trip was the puppet show all four cousins put on for us the very last night we were there.
They planned out an entire show, writing scripts, editing, making up characters and then acting out the show.
It was AMAZING!!!

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Family Sledding Day

Family Sledding Day