Friday, July 7, 2017

Tennis, Hair and summer fun

Lots of fun this summer....and can't believe that 2nd and 4th grade are over!....camps have been a huge hit, from Harry Potter camp for Brady to Week at the Spa and Kids Stage for Lylah.

This summer marks the first year that Brady has been able to play full on games of tennis with me and it's so awesome! He is really getting into it (playing four times in one week) and has some really good shots. I love that this is a sport we can all play together! we had a blast at a Rapids game together...Rapids won and the kids got to go on the field right after the game and Brady found out he made one of the competitive soccer teams this year!

And sweet Lylah.....the past 6 months, you have been all about doing your own hair. It's hard me for to not be able to brush your hair anymore but you have wanted to take over. And you brush and brush and brush....when you wake up and right before you go to bed!
You learned some amazing hand massages at your Spa camp and you have been sweet enough to give me one or two. And you had your real acting debut where you learned your own lines to play the Butcher and Candlestick maker in Beauty and the Beast.We were so proud of you!

We were able to sneak in two hikes so far....hoping for a few more but one was on Mom's Day and everyone had a complaint free hike in honor of me :-) Super fun morning.

This summer has been full of time at the Grant Ranch pool with friends, backyard pool time, mini golf, sleepovers galore, tennis lessons, family time and more.

I love these days where we get more time together and get to play outside!!

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Family Sledding Day