Friday, July 7, 2017


Walt Disney World and Universal Studios 2017!
I've called it the Trip of  Lifetime and that was no joke. I can certainly say I will never forget the magic of this trip and I hope you two feel the same way.
This was a tough one to pull off as a surprise. As you guys have gotten older, it's harder to keep you from discovering when I am planning something. But in this case.....we did it!!
We had you all the way to the airport and you still thought we were picking up Uncle Bob for a work trip when we told you that instead, we were getting on a plane to Florida.
Lylah was excited and smiling from ear to ear and Brady, you were a lot like me....shocked that you had been surprised and asking about school and sports. Once it soaked in and you digested this was actually happening, then the excitement set in.
Everything about the trip was amazing!!!
Day one was Animal Kingdom...with backwards roller coasters, rafting rides and a safari. The one ride that got us all was called Dinosaur and it turned out to be a whole lot scarier than any of us expected, which made it that much more memorable!

We stayed at the Beach Club Villas, on a cute little lake,across from the Boardwalk at Epcot. It was perfect and allowed us to have ice cream every single night at the Ample Hills Creamery. YUM! We loved watching the street performers and having your caricatures done.

Day two was Universal Studios where your dreams of going to Harry Potter Land came true. Butter Beer and Hogsmeade Express, Flight of the Hippogriff coaster and the magical wands. Nothing there disappointed! We actually really liked Universal in rides including the River Raft ride that soaked us all and created lots of laughs. The Men in Black ride that spun and spun at the end that none of us expected.

Day three was Magic Kingdom which brought back memories of our trip to Disney Land four years earlier. But this time there were more rides that you were ready to try...Space Mountain for Brady. Snow White's Roller coaster, Big Thunder Mountain, Haunted Mansion (where Brady clung so tight to me!) and the Monsters Inc Laugh floor where we all laughed until our faces hurt (and they used Brady's joke in the show!!)

Fireworks each night (although one main night where we watched from the bridge)

And then Epcot on the last much fun on the Test track ride (2x), Mission Space, Soarin, and several interesting and educational rides that you both seemed to enjoy about mother earth, farming, etc. and a tour of the World Showcase.
We made the most of every minute of the trip and had some of the best laughs and together time we have ever had.

I am so thankful that we were able to create these memories and have the fantastic photos to show for it after.
These types of trips don't happen often (especially to be able to pull off as a surprise) but I am so very happy that we invested the time and money into an experience we all will never forget as a family.
Love you bunches!

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