Sunday, April 23, 2017

Special time

Hi Bubba and Lylah Bean,
Last week I was lucky enough to spend some really special time with you both.
I was able to volunteer in Lylah's second grade class, where I read the fractured fairytale Cindy Ellen to the class. I LOVED it and the kids seemed to like it too.
It was so cool to see how you interacted with others in class, participated in the learning and kept giving me your sweet Lylah smiles. You seemed to really like me being there and that was amazing.
Earlier  this year, I brought lunch to you in school and sat with you and your girlfriends. So fun! You have some really  nice friends and it was fun to bring you Which Wich and watch you devour it!

And Bubba, two cool things lately! I was able to visit you for lunch at school (4th grade) and took you and your close friends outside for lunch. they were very jealous of your Smashburger but they thought it was awesome that they got to go outside and you seemed to enjoy having me there.
and then just you and I went to a Nuggets game together. Best game I think I have ever been to. The Nuggs played against Westbrooke and of course he played amazing. You had the biggest cotton candy I had ever seen along with some pizza and you were the best date ever (ok..your dad is a pretty good date too :-) . You and I had some good talks in the car on the way to the stadium. I love that we can talk to each other about just about anything. and you were so polite and kind and appreciative. I am a  lucky mom for sure.

Love you guys so much!

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