Saturday, April 1, 2017

Daddy and Me

Dad and I had the chance to go to Las Vegas recently on one of his work trips. We are lucky to get to travel together once or twice a year on special trips for just the two of us.
We always miss you guys a ton but we think it's important to have time for dates together and adventures that we don't normally get to do.
Marriage can be hard. It can be challenging and work and frustrating and exhausting. But more important and what that we love each other now more than ever.
we have grown into the very best of friends and respect and care for each other. Our love has grown from where it started, partly because we had you two which brought us closer together but also because we have matured, spent more time together and learned to work together as a couple.
we may disagree on several things but we find a way to find common ground and respect each other's opinions. We look out for each other and we both feel truly lucky to have ended up where we are.
Dad and I hope that both of you are able to find someone, when the time is right, who is your best friend and who makes you a better person....someone you laugh with, experience new things with and trust with your heart.
I know your dad loves me and loves this family and he knows the same about me. That is a good feeling!!
True love is hard to come by. Always make sure you are being treated the way you deserve to be treated and in return, treat the person you love with kindness, respect and honesty. and don't forget to be silly....your dad sure is , and I supposed I have my moments too :-) XOXO

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